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I am Vincenzo Musumeci, responsible for just about everything on this blog, where I’ve been writing about management, business and the Internet.

I’m a young generation X who grew up with computers but not the Internet. I can relate to both those that are born with the Internet (natives) and those that have to learn it (immigrants). This makes my experience much more rich, as I can be the bridge between both of these worlds.

I’m a huge technology optimist and strongly believe digital (internet and mobile devices) is, at last, an integral element within the marketing and sales mix and business as a whole.


Just a bit of story…

Born in Italy, I grew up in Rome, where I started programming in 1984, on a Commodore 64. After few years I began to play with Commodore 128 and finally, I fell in love with the Amiga 2000.

After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Managerial Economics in 1999, I found myself skilled at computer programming, marketing and telecommunications, the sum of which is the Internet!

Following the wise saying “Work makes the man”, let’s jump to talk about my work.


… then let’s go to the professional world…

I am an accomplished executive with international experience and a record of achievement in developing digital strategies and tactics to companies that enable them to become high performance business. Able to visualize opportunities for change that will generate business for a company, while improving its digital channels performance.

I have also worked individually in small outfits and start-ups with shoestring budgets, and in consulting services.

I am based in Madrid. In my current role, I act as a sparring partner for company internal clients, help educate on eCommerce topics, and generally work to bring even more fire to the digital capabilities, with strong focus on sales.

I like working in small and multi-talented teams (e.g. with a designer and a few other developers) to create compelling user experiences in a lean and/or agile style (from MVP to finished product, through iterations).


… and finally to the personal world!

I’m a saxophonist. I listen to different genres, but mostly instrumental music. Moreover, I am an Aikido practioner and lover.

One more thing… opinions are my own and should never be taken seriously 🙂


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